Training Philosophy

"Mechanics and Consistency Before Intensity"

I train people from all walks of life. I train people who want to lose weight, change the way their bodies looks. I train high school and college athletes, fitness competitors, bodybuilders, individuals who just want to get in shape, feel better, move better.

The common denominator...the bottom line, if you will, the one common thing that touches everyone I serve is that each and every client interacts with food more than they interact with training or exercising. Because of this one of my most fundamental tenets is 'Fitness Functionality and Health Through Nutrition and Exercise.'

We all interact with food much more than we interact with the gym. Therefore, the importance of proper nutrition is the foundation of my training philosophy.

The absence of proper dietary practices willl hamper any attempts to create a healthy environment within the body-organism, regardless of the training protocols. The old saying is true: "You cannot outtrain a bad diet."

After nutrition I focus on training exercises with the goal of increasing the clients' abilities to perform routine tasks such as reaching down below the knees properly (squatting, deadlifting), or basically being able to 'functionally' live a fuller life with less stress and pain-free, regardless of age or previous structural damage to their body-organism.

This is accomplished using tested, proven easy-to-perform functional movements that encourage an increase in strength, greater flexibility and agility, an increase in bone density, lean muscle mass development and overall functionality, which are all components of the definition of health.

So, the phrase, "Fitness Functionality and Health Through Nutrition and Exercise" fully encompasses and embodies what a prospective client can expect from me as their trainer.