Client Testimonials

"When I came to Taylor, I was tired, weak and gaining weight I did not want to gain.

All my life I had been extremely active but as I grew to my current age I seemed to slow down and didn't know why or what to do to regain any vigor or energy. Taylor eliminated all this with his stress-reduction training methods and nutritional expertise. He changed my diet, encouraged me to actually follow it as a lifestyle and trained me for agility and strength as well as cardiovascular training. Today, a mere 6 months later, I am rejuvenated, stronger and feeling happier about who I am and where I am going. I attribute this to Taylor's guidance as my professional personal trainer.

I am in better shape than I was in college, 23 years ago. I am active again and maintaining it through intense cardio and weight training as well as nutrition and diet. I highly recommend Taylor to anyone with fitness issues that slow them down and cost them precious moments of inactivity due to having poor fitness and dietary habits. He can get you going, for sure."  A. Hines

"Thanks Taylor! I won the Biggest Losers Contest at work. It was a national contest involving a lot of people, but with your expert training, motivating and guiding me I won by a huge margin. I think it was something like 17.2%. Thanks again. I also won the large pot of money being wagered!

I also feel great! I have lost over 37 pounds in less than 9 weeks over 15 inches off my waist, thighs, arms and I feel healthier, stronger and lighter. I have an upcoming wedding and I will be a bridesmaid. I can't wait till the final fitting.

Before training I was squeezing into a size I am down to a size goal is a size 6. I know you'll get me there.

I'm also going to do a 5k in less than 5 months and I feel very sure that you'll make sure I am ready to perform at my best."  U. Smith


"Taylor has been the perfect personal trainer for me. I have been with him for 7 months. Before this I had never worked out in my life and grew to over 200 pounds of fat and flab.

When I came to Taylor through a referral of a friend he instantly made me feel confident that, together, we would accomplish my weight loss goal, come what may. At first it was achallenge but with his motivating and inspiring guidance he helped me overcome all my initial resistances and make progress, fast.

He is the first trainer I have seen who helps his clients by building all the small muscles which support the large muscle groups before beginning to lift heavier. He has encouraged me to add an aerobic component to my routine which has always been a problem for me. I am continue to be astonished and surprised at the depth of his knowledge and expertise in the diverse areas of diet and nutrition, weight training, yoga, sports rehabilitation and overall fitness and health. I am also continually impressed with the breadth of techniques he uses to help his clients (me) reach their golas, fast."    M. St. John

"Taylor, if I ever win the lottery I am gonna hire you full-time and pay you enough to travel with me and train me wherever I go.

Seriously, I thought I was really working hard and pushing myself. I was not getting anywhere and since I started working with you I have lost a ton of weight, and size. I feel stronger, better and look forward to each session with you.

I am getting the results I really want. You really know your stuff and I plan on staying focused until I reach my goals of, as you say "optimum health and wellness."

Thank you for giving me back my hope, focus and determination." L. Ten Bear