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Where Does Your FAT Go, When You Lose It?

DamnWhere does fat go when we lose it? It doesn’t really “burn”.  Most people assume we lose it through urination, excretion and sweat, but those methods only account for a small part of the equation. The real reason is a bit more surprising; we exhale our fat. Yup…sounds crazy, I know…but it’s true. Exhaling Carbon is how most of the fat we burn leaves our body. I’m not saying that breathing faster will slim you down, my point is that effective breathing during your exercise and everyday life will dramatically impact your health and physique.

Proper breathing during exercise is one of the most important concepts of fitness, though many people don’t give it a second thought before beginning their exercise program. Any time you hold your breath during exercise, not only is the exercise ineffective and your energy is severely limited, but you risk injury. If you are able to breathe deeply and consistently throughout the exercise, you will literally be capable of plenty more reps in addition to maximizing their benefit and working your core properly. A good breath involves maximal use of the Diaphragm, a muscle used to expand the lungs.

To take a proper deep breath, feel your stomach expand and rise (this is how you know you’re using the diaphragm) as you inhale through your nose and feel it deflate as you exhale. Practice this a few times aiming to increase the amount of air you take in and more fully expel it back out. You can also look up more Diaphragmatic Breathing exercises to maximize your body’s abilities and potential!

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