The Best Tip for Losing Belly Fat Fast and Keeping It Off

561816_414823658572199_882952380_nBelly fat.  Ugh!  No one likes it, no one wants it.  It is NOT sexy.  Everyone hates it.  Those who have it don’t want it.  How does one go about getting rid of it-belly fat, that is?  We all see and hear the commercials and advertisements that tell us…lie to us…about just how simple and easy it is to get rid of belly fat and lose weight…and keep it off.  To these i scream ALL LIES!!!

Pills won’t do it, drinking nasty teas and elixirs won’t do it, restricting your diet and eating ONLY tasteless foods won’t accomplish the goal.  “Well”, you ask “what in the hell will work?”

The answer to this seemingly unanswerable question is SIMPLE.  Eating right, CONSISTENTLY, and training correctly using the right energy system that burns FAT and preserves muscle, which relies of fat for fuel.  But the key is to start and getting started is the number one obstacle to getting rid of a big, fat gut and keeping the fat off.

If you want to change things you have to change the way you do those things.  Change is the key.  Onward…

Clients and friends ask me all the damned time how to start, gain momentum and maintain their FAT LOSS, especially getting rid of the belly fat.  Here is what I tell them to do:

First and foremost…trust the process…don’t start then stop and change directions because you read or heard or seen something NEW.

Next and lastly…fall in love with…WATER.  That’s right…simple water.  This will start you on your path off losing fat around your belly.  And for several reasons.  The main reason is that water is a natural diuretic.  Water is easy to get and consume, it fills you up if you drink it BEFORE you east, causing you to ingest less calories…and eating less calories will help you lose weight around the ol’ midsection fast.

Now, granted, there are several other things you will be doing, but start here and you should see some results in short order.  I have my clients drink unto a gallon of this stuff daily and they complain about bathroom runs but smile when their waist starts shrinking within 10 days of consistently following this protocol.


Now, if you do not practice this tactic, then please don’t say it doesn’t work, because it does work.  I use it everyday and it has never failed me, yet.




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