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3 Effective Nutritional Plans You Can Use To Easily Lose Weight

There Is No Diet...If you’re like many of my clients, you’re looking to burn fat in record time.   Think about which diet plan you’re going to incorporate into your daily life.  Making the right choice can feel overwhelming because you may not know where to start.  With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to know which is going to be right for you.   With this in mind, let’s examine three effective, proven and amazing diet plans that you should be considering as you go about your workout program to shed excess weight fast.

The Zone Diets

The first diet plan that you might consider using is termed the zone diet approach. With it, you’ll be eating a balanced mix of nutrients from the carbohydrate, protein, and dietary fat sources in each and every meal you eat.  This is a great plan for those who refuse to be or feel they are being restricted on a nutrition program and who also enjoy a wide variety of foods.

Typically the ratio’s are set out to be about 40/30/30 for carbs/fats/proteins respectively.   These plans also encourage you to choose unprocessed foods whenever possible, sticking to lean proteins, whole grains, fruits and vegetables, as well as nuts, seeds, and oils.

The Keto Diets

Keto diet plans tend to work best for those who aren’t as active (as active people require more carbs if they want to maintain high intensity levels), but who usually suffer from high feelings of hunger while on their diet.   Low carb diets tend to do very well banishing hunger altogether, so if that’s something that often throws you off, you should consider this approach.   A Keto diet will focus on just eating lean proteins, healthy fats, along with plenty of vegetables. It is still important to get vegetables in however as these will supply you with the essential nutrients you need to maintain good health.

The Awesome Paleo Diets

This nutritional approach is spreading like wild-fire as more and more people are starting to use it.  Here you’re going to be focusing on eating foods that come straight from the ground and that were around tens of thousands of years ago or during the caveman days. For the most part, grains are eliminated and the primary foods eaten are lean meats, fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, oils, and fish. Foods such as pasta, bread, cereals, and any other baked goods are not permitted.

This diet does an excellent job of controlling your blood glucose levels, reducing hunger while still sustaining energy.

Now you have three great and healthy fat-loss nutritional choices/diets that you may want to try out as you move along with your fat loss workout program. Decide which diet variation you think would be the best fit for you and use that to kick-start your results.

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  1. BiggDubb March 20, 2013 at 4:32 pm #

    Here’s something else that might be of benefit:

    “Many so-called experts completely misunderstand the vital role of the hip flexors in controlling and motivating athletic movement. They miss the complex interrelationship between the hip flexors and the abdominal muscles. So many trainers avoid hip flexion exercises. But that’s a big mistake, according to Coach Greg Glassman. He deplores rampant “superstition, confusion and fraud” and discusses 3 important ab exercises.

    In the glute-ham developer sit-up the range of motion is from as far back in hip and back extension as you are comfortable up to where you can touch the pads above the shin and instep. We’ve used this sit-up to teach our athletes how to fully engage the rectus femoris to improve the quality of hip flexion.

    In the hollow rock athletes lay face up on the ground with their arms stretched overhead and their legs out straight. They raise their arms and legs about one foot off of the floor and attempt to assume the shape of a rocker on a rocking chair, then gently, slowly, teeter back and forth. A seemingly innocuous little exercise, the hollow rock is a staple of gymnastics conditioning and excruciatingly tough when performed correctly.

    The L-sit is little known outside the gymnastics community but may be the most effective ab exercise. The L-sit is performed by supporting the body entirely by the arms and holding the legs straight out in front. Athletes who have developed their L-sit to the point where they can hold it for three minutes subsequently find all other ab work easy.”

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